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I hope all is good.
With the new direction of the Canadian Sailing Team, we will be training in a more group based environment with regular consistent coaching, and with this in mind we are currently putting together our Skiff (49er and FX) group. The qualifier for the CST is Miami OCR, however we will be offering additional places in the Skiff group after OCR for training to teams that show the required skill level, potential to improve and commitment to train.
Here is a rough plan of CST training and regatta dates for florida this winter for 49ers and FX.
I am trying to gauge which teams will be planning on sailing, so we can get some group training happening. These sessions are open to CST and non-CST sailors.
Please have a look and let me know which dates you can attend, or what your current plans are.
Coaches will be Steve Mitchell (SM), and one contract coach who we are currently confirming.
15-17 – Miami training – TBA contract coach
18-20 – Miami North Americans -  TBA contract coach
21-27 Miami training  -  TBA contract coach
28 jan – 2 feb – Miami OCR -  TBA contract coach
7 – Miami training – SM
8-10 – Miami Midwinters – SM
11-20 – Clearwater training – SM &  TBA contract coach

If you know someone who is planning on coming down to Florida, or you feel should be included who is not on this list, please let me know.

Best Regards
Steve Mitchell

High Performance Coach

Sail Canada/Voile Canada

Tom and I have been sailing full time here in Kinston getting ourselves in shape for the OCR regatta in two days. We came early to train in the K-Town big breeze and breeze we got. Last Wednesday we found our speed limit, only able to bear away half of the time in huge wind, and monster rollers Kingston is known for. We also experienced the strange sensation of the boat translating directly to leeward as the board left the water jumping out of waves upwind. That day we were stoked to just get back in…  All in all, we got what we wanted, and should be a lot more solid in breeze now.

Things were pretty quiet around here for the first couple weeks, but slowly sailors started toting their boats to the harbor and before we knew it Cork International was going off.
We even got ourselves a few sparring partners as of a couple days ago. Jean-Luc Robitaille, Will Hall, Bernard Crepeau and Will Franquet are in town keeping us on our toes. We’ve been hitting the water daily running starts, drills, the works.

We even have another Potential X rig 29er joining the Montreal fleet. Laura Borden and Laurie Bennett rigged and sailed their chartered X with us for the first time yesterday evening and I’m pretty sure they are addicted.. Going back to that little stick will be hard! If they get one, Montreal will have three, so Ladies of the skiff world, if you are reading this, upgrade to two strings! The Montreal fleet is waiting for you..

Things are a lot busier today here in Portsmouth; skiffs have been pouring in and getting themselves settled for CORK OCR.  As of now there are nine 49ers rigged and ready to go. Five of us are heading out in an hour or so and the K town breeze is in the forecast; Tom and I are stoked..

If any 49er guys are reading this, and maybe on the fence about coming to or not… DO IT!
Or sell your boat to someone who will…

Mike Brodeur & Tom Carlton
CAN 1139

Last week, the RCYC 49er contingent took off up to Gore Bay Ontario for a weeklong training camp.  Gore Bay is about a 5 and a half hour drive north of Toronto on Manitoulin Island in the North Channel.  We went in search of wind and waves, which can be hard to come by in Toronto in the summertime, and after looking at forecasts, photos and knowing we had a free place to stay, we decided that Gore Bay looked like it could be a good spot.

We had a great week of sailing, logging more time on the water than a 6 day grade one event would give.  We didn’t get the exact conditions we were looking for but we got a ton of good quality time in on the water.  We focused a lot on boat trim, boat handling and starting.  Everyone improved over the week and had a good time.

The town was very welcoming and excited about us being there.  We even got a spot in the local newspaper.  Every day, a number of locals and cruisers that were in for the weekend came up to us while we were rigging and wanted to know more about what we were all about.  Our accommodation was amazing and we were treated to amazing food every night.  It was like having all of the holiday dinners of the year in one week.

It was great to get out of the city and have no distractions and just focus on sailing.  Maybe we’ll go back this fall and get some bigger breeze and waves.

Butabi Brothers
Coach Dan

- Ian Hogan, CAN 1198

Canadian 49er’s going to Perth. Here is some info on pre-regatta sailing:

As of November 20th, Canadian 49er’s may commence pre-event training at Fremantle Sailing Club.  The cost is $100 AUD per week. Container unloading is $25 or $1540 for the duration of the event. All fees are due to the Fremantle SC. Coach Steve Mitchell has made the arrangements, so if your needs fall outside these dates, please contact him.

See you there!

To all those interested in attending, here is the schedule for the first MHPC, May 14 – 15: 49er MHPC I 2011

This camp is free to all 49er sailors!

If you are interested in being the guinea pig for the new key-way spreader mast, please send in an application!
Tell me who you are, what type of boat, boom you have. How often will you train with it? What regattas?
We are looking for someone that is in the “Novice to Intermediate” range who can sail with it nearly every day and provide feedback.

If interested please send Trevor an email: trevor@49er.ca .

After a long haul from Paris to Ovington to Weymouth and finally to Palma, and 141 hours of boat work, Dan and I are ready to start our Palma training camp!  We have sailed the new boat quite a lot over the past 4 days and everything is working great.  We have been doing some great tuning with other countries, and we have some partners to work with throughout the camp in the mornings, and there is a growing fleet for afternoon races. 

We had a meeting with our coach this afternoon, and set some great process goals, and high yet very achievable performance goals for the event.  We are looking forward to working real hard and efficiently during the camp and sailing extremely smart and fast during the event.  Here we go!

Jon (I’m not Mexican) Ladha

After a few days off following Miami OCR we packed up shop and got out of Miami for a couple weeks of trianing in Kemah Texas with 2 of the American teams. With three boats out on the warter in a zero pressure enviroment we were free to try almost anything to gain little speed advantages here and there. With a full range of wind conditions we got a chance to clear our heads after a dissapointing start to the year and get back to basics.

Due to a less than ideal weather outlook for the next couple weeks in Texas, with near freezing temperatures and little to no wind, the camp was called to an early close. Both Ian and I are taking time off now after a long three months of sailing.

by Billy Gooderham (CAN 1058)


Here are some details that have been bounced around by email:

Billy Gooderham, Feb 19:

Hi Guys,
In the interest of getting things planned out sooner rather than later I want to get a sense of what everbody’s plans are.
Firstly I know that me and Hogan and Gordo have been talking about doing a camp in early May in Weymouth agian. It was a great camp last year and a good way to kick of the European season (for those of us not doing Palma or Heyeres). I feel like the more guys on the water the better the camp will be.
If you guys can give me any info on who is interested, and what dates work for the people who have jobs? Also who we want to get to come in and coach it, is anyone apposed to having Nigel come in agian?  Once we have a sense of numbers and dates we can get things moving in respect to booking the time off in the house as well as seeing if we can use the foundation VSR.
From there is Holland. Who is going? How are people planning on getting boats from Weymouth to Holland? I am assuming that Trev and hunter you guys are planning on using your trailer. I know that Hogan and I are looking into Euro Lease this summer. What is the intrest on splitting gas and towing behind our car?
Finally is Europeans in Poland. I am assuming that everybody is going. Once agian I am interested in what peoples plans are in respect to getting boats to Poland as well as what peoples perspective arrival dates are?  I know me and hogan are tentavily planning on making the long haul from Holland. Anyone want to join us? Also what the intrest is in getting a coach(possibly Dan or Cook if we can swing it)?
Anyways that is all I can think of for now. If yall think of anything I have left out feel free to speak up. I think the more we can get this planned out together, it will become a whole lot easier and cheaper for all of us.

Trevor Parekh, Feb 20:

It seems like May 15 – 20 is about right for time frame. DLR is 26 – 30.

I would def like to do the camp. I just need agreement from Dubs. We will not do DLR. However we will probably charter our boat for DLR (to the Mexicans).

As you all know, Hunter and I co-own a trailer that is presently in Weymouth. Matt and I plan to do Europeans, so will need a ride for our boat / trailer to Poland after DLR. Therefore we will gladly split gas/transport charges with whomever drives it there (and back). So Billy if you get a vehicle big enough that you can car-top a 49er then you could split your charges with us and Gord/H.

Good initiative BG. Keep in touch, all.

Ian Hogan, Feb 21:

That week sounds good but hopefully a few of us can be training in Weymouth longer.  Maybe run a camp from the 10th to the 21st, go to Holland on the 22nd.  This is similar to what we did last year and chances are there will be a couple days that are unsailable.    

What is everyones plan between Europeans/Sail For Gold?  Maybe get another camp going in Weymouth right after?

Gordon Cook, Feb 22:

 think we are in for training May 10 -21st.  Hiring Nigel seems like a good idea at this point..  We could also try to get Simon Hiscocks to come down for a day or two. 

We are looking for transport as well..  If the van isn’t too full we could use a ride to Medemblik and the Europeans, otherwise will find another way to get the boat there.

Thanks for getting in touch about this stuff.

Jon Ladha, Feb 23:

Dan and I are in for Weymouth camp May 10-21st, but we will not be doing Delta LLoyd this year.  We will also be very interested in doing another camp there right after Europeans.  Once camp dates are confirmed, and we can create a budget and agenda for the camp, then we can confirm our participation in the training, which we are already looking forward to.

Billy Gooderham, Feb 24:

okay guys,
Here is what i am getting out of all this:
firstly everybody seems interested in the weymouth camp may 10-21 (trev and dubs joining in part way through). also everybody seems agreed on nigel as a coach.
second trev and dubs and lahda and dan are out for Delta lloyd. Gordo and Hunter are in.
Once we figure out the euro lease we can figure out travel arrangements (driving to holland and euros) as well as transport for boats.

CAN 1058 – Gooderham / Hogan (Miami)
We’ve been here for almost 3 weeks now getting ready for the Worlds in just over a month. The first week was spent in 10-15 knots getting our feet back in the boat and sailing around marks. The second week, we had our coach here and worked more on boathandling, short course, and starting practice in light air. It was so light that it was the first time that we’ve sailed the new mast in that condition, and it took us some time to get the tuning right. This week we have been training with one US team and an Austrian team with a lot of starts and short races.
Our coach gets back next Friday for a week long camp before we have to pack our boat and ship to the Bahamas on the 15th.

CAN 709 – Ladha / Inkpen (Freeport)
There is a training regatta starting tomorrow, and I will try to get some out of that .
Wind is normally light, but the past 2 days it has been windy on shore(usually offshore), and it has been quite hectic launching in the waves.  It is nice here, resort is good, decent food, but obviously mass produced.  A word of advice, get on customs back asap!!  See you soon