49er CAN and Northeast USA:

We have our 2nd event of the 49er.ca Grand Prix coming up in 1 week’s time. That event is the 9th annual Ottawa Skiff GP. If you haven’t been to this event yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. I’m talking to you NORTHEAST USA guys!!! We already have 15 boats confirmed (no joke). So come on out and make it 20, you won’t regret it. Trevor and Ryan (Boston byes) can attest to all the other Yanks that this is a great event. So come race with us, unless you’re afraid of losing to a Canuck!

The regatta organizers are hosting a $40/boat clinic on Friday, June 1st coached by 49er sailor Rob Frost. Clinic starts at 10 AM, please RSVP to grandprix-2012@osrf.ca . We will also have a group 49er debrief after racing on Saturday, bring your own booze (again, not joking).

We will be racing against some of those new K3 i14’s, some B5’s, B3’s, M12’s, and who knows maybe a B6! In any case we’ll destroy their pussy asses. So be sure to come, new rig or old rig.

NOR and regatta info: http://osrf.ca/gp_files/gpbasepage-2012.php . If you register today, you can save 10% on the fees so do it. DO IT.

See y’all next week. NO EXCUSES. Lakota, you too!

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  1. trevor says:

    16+ boats already confirmed!