49er Carbon Mast User Manual

The 49er Class in Canada has grown steadily since it was originally adopted by the Royal Canadian YC in Toronto as “the next wave”. They purchased 4 boats and solicited a major sponsor (Koolaid).

Since then, more boats have been coming into Canada (mostly 2nd hand). Gordon Cook was one of the first guy to get into the boat in Canada. He hasn’t left the class yet. About 10 years later, Gordo qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and proudly represented Canada at those games. He still sails in the class and has a wealth of knowledge (so ask him questions before he moves on!).

Canada has greatly benefited from top US 49er teams that historically have had multiple boats and have sold them to young teams here up north. Many of these early boats are still around. At present, we count about 25 boats in Eastern Canada, with another dozen (or so) in Western Canada. Although strong in past years, the Western fleet seems to have slowed down. Eastern Canada has exploded with boats since 2005.

At present we are working on building this fleet and trying to get as many boats to regattas as possible in order to improve the level of racing. Let us know if you’d like to join this exciting one-design fleet!

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