On this page you will find a list of boats for sale in NA. If you’d like to post your boat here, contact us

Boat: USA 1770
Build: Mackay
Location: Miami, FL
Contact: PJ Buhler (payjota@gmail.com)
The boat was delivered in December 2015 and only sailed in the 2016 Miami OCR and 2016 Worlds. The 49er has all parts and is race ready. The boat comes with 1 mast, 1 boom, 1 spin pole, 2 mains, 2 jibs, 2 gennakers, aluminum dolly, wing covers, mast cover, top and bottom covers. Foils are the new style and the blades are aligned. Comes with all sheets, blocks, tillers extensions, stays etc. Asking $23,000 USD OBO.
Boat: USA 1075
Build: Mackay
Location: Miami, FL
Contact: PJ Buhler (payjota@gmail.com)
Great starter 49er for training. The boat was built in 2008 and has the old style adjustable wings. The boat is complete with all fittings, rigging, sheets, and is ready to race. The boat comes with an aluminum dolly, top cover,1 mast,1 boom,1 gennaker pole, foils, 1 main, 2 jibs, 4 gennakers. Asking $4,000 USD OBO.
Boat: CAN 074
Build: Starboard (Bethwaite)
Location: Vancouver, BC
Contact: Dylan McGuire (dylan.l.mcguire@gmail.com)
Original style 49er, includes old style rig, 2 sets of sails, foils, dolly, and an EZ loader trailer.
Asking $5,500 CDN OBO
Boat: USA 1598
Build: Mackay
Location: Norwalk, CT
Contact: Elizabeth Barry (elizabeth.q.barry@gmail.com)
2014 build. Lightly used in the US – a couple weeks of practice and three regattas. Comes with an FX setup, and ready to race – one mast, two main sails, three jibs & three kits. Lots of rigging & spares. Extra spreaders & shrouds. Also comes with a half mast (just lower & middle section) and two mast bags. Everything has been stored indoors and away from the UV. Asking $24,000 USD.

Boat: CAN 1421
Build: Ovington
Location: Toronto
Contact: Arthur Ferguson (arthur.ferguson2@gmail.com)
2013 Build, Stored indoors. Sailed on European circuit 1 year and then North America for 2 seasons. Wings professionally re-gripped. Comes as complete 49er set up. 1 rig, 1 brand newish set of sails (used 2 events), 1 full set training sails + 1 more jib and 1 more spin. 1 brand new set of “new-style” foils, 1 “old-style” set of foils and extra rudder. 2 spin poles. Comes fully ready to race, sheets blocks etc. Lots of extras included for spares. Asking $20,000 CAD or $16,000 USD

Boat: USA 1202
Build: Ovington
Location: Newport Beach, CA
Contact: Tyler MacDonald (29ertm@gmail.com)
Built in 2010, Fixed wings. Always stored indoors when not being sailed. Lightly sailed during Winter and Summer only. Comes with 1 Mast, 2 mains, 4 jibs, 3 kites, 2 carbon tillers, boards& bag, top cover, and non-padded mast cover. Comes with Tool box with tons of spare lines and blocks. Asking $15,500 USD. Additional gear for sale: New mast, 1 set of sails (4 days), 4 tiller extensions.

Boats: USA 1466
Build: Mackay
Location: Florida
Contact: Fred Strammer (Fred.Strammer@gmail.com)
Boat comes race ready–Olympic Trials ready. Beautifully rigged and has been stored since February 2016 in covered storage. All the upgrades and lightly used lines. One set of 2015 sails comes with the boat. Impeccably maintained.  Only selling to consolidate equipment. Asking $18,000 USD.

Boat: CAN 794
Build: Mackay
Location: Kingston
Contact: Simone Larose (simone-larose@hotmail.com)
Very good starter boat. 49erFX rig with new boom, 3 mains, 2 jibs, 1 spinnaker, 2 top covers (wings in and out), and Mackay beach dolly. Asking $9,000 CAD obo

Boat: CAN 860
Build: Mackay
Location: Vancouver
Contact: Ian Woodbury (im.on.starboard@gmail.com)
Dolly, Laser aligned foils, 2 sets of blades, 2 booms (1 old 1 new), 2 spin poles, 2 rudder cassets, Top and Bottom Cover. Sail Package: 2 Main sails (training and Racing), 3 Jibs (1 training, 1 racing, 1 not used), 7 kites (2 racing, 5 training), a professionally cut down main and jib (for little people), and Lightly used Carbon Mast. Also have Old school Mast with Sails (2 sets). Have 7 tiller extensions, mostly carbon. The prior asking price is $7,000 CAD. Trailer available as option for $2,000 CAD.

Boat: CAN 1135
Build: Mackay
Location: Kingston/Toronto
Contact: ehvertpaul@gmail.com
1 main, 1 jib and 2 spinnakers. One of the spinnakers has been used less than 5 times. Comes with rigging that has only been used for 2 weeks. This boat has only sailed in salt water once and since being purchased has only been sailed a handful of times every year. Asking $18,000 CAD obo

Boat: CAN 1251
Build: Ovington
Location: Toronto area
Contact: Peter Elliott (705-828-0581 (preferred) Or elliottmorrison@rogers.com)
Excellent condition. Ready to race. Complete 49er. Built in 2011. Sailed very few days per year. Boat comes with wing covers, wings out cover and dolly. Also have lots of extra parts that can be negotiated. Asking $ 17,500 CAD OBO

Boat: USA 741
Build: Ovington
Location: Seattle or Miami
Contact: Oliver Scutt (206 679 5150 or oliver@scutt.org)
Ideal for starter FX teams! Built in 2002 with a sound hull, with used FX rig plus old style 49er rig (with many sets of sails). Alu launch trolley. Little use since 2008. A few cosmetic blemishes. Professionally rebuilt and regripped wings. Top cover. Option for charter at SWC Miami.
Asking $9,000 USD obo

Boat: USA 792
Build: Mackay
Location: San Francisco, CA
Contact: Kristen Lane (teambrickhouse@gmail.com)
Complete boat / FX Mast setup with sails. New rudder with Spar-Tite aligned foils. Top cover and yard dolly.
Great starter boat for a young team looking to start in the FX!
Asking $7,000 USD.

Boat: USA 019
Build: Bethwaite (Starboard Products)
Location: Stamford, CT
Contact: Campbell Woods (sharksailing@gmail.com)
Well loved boat with old style rig, 2 sets of shrouds, 2 sets of sails, new tiller and rudder with plenty of extras.
This is a good starter boat. Can delivery anywhere in the Northeast
Asking $3,000 USD

Boat: CAN 946
Build: Mackay
Location: Edmonton, AB
Contact: Marcus Beaudry (780-999-7245 or marcus.beaudry@gmail.com)

Moving overseas to go to school, need to sell.

-2006 hull with newer carbon rig. Sailed lightly and stored indoors for last 2 seasons.
-1 training main, 2 training jibs and 1 training black kite
-New style foils
-Aluminum beach dolly
-Wings-in top cover, board bag
-Boat breaker and tension guage.
-Hull is stiff and dry with new deck grip tape.
Boat is in good condition. Asking $9,000 CAD OBO.

Boat: MEX 1054 & 984
Build: Mackay
Location: Valle de Bravo, MEX
Contact: Ricky Brockmann (r.brockmann@hotmail.com )

Perfect for some competitive racing , sails boat and mast in very good shape. Asking $16,000 USD for both, delivered to Laredo, TX or Miami, FL

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