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New 2016 Style 49er Sails


I hope that everyone is doing well. As most of you know by now, the men’s 49er will be changing sails after the Rio 2016 Olympics. The changes, however, are quite minor:


  • Jib essentially remains unchanged
  • Mainsail shape remains the same, but will have more luff reinforcements to handle vang / cunno loads, and will have a slightly different look
  • Spinnakers are flattening out and becoming 1.7m2 smaller – a modern shape given that our spinnaker design is 20+ years old (but you would probably not be able to tell the difference)


Going forward for all racing in North America (except for ISAF World Cup and World Gold Fleet racing), ALL previous generations of sails are legal (so come out and race no matter what!).


The new sails will be class legal some time after September 1st – we will mirror the international class, meaning that once the new rules are approved by ISAF then we can race with the new sails. So all events up to and including North Americans in Newport will be raced with the pre 2016 sails.


Pitch Pole is ordering some sails for delivery to Newport North Americans (Aug 26 – 28) in limited quantities. Therefore, if you want the new sails delivered to you at Newport or just after, please email me ASAP!


Thanks and hope to hear back from you soon.

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